Veterans Day BBQ - Save the Date!

Volunteers Needed!! Come out and help, and spend lunch with the James Dukes family! If you'd like to help out on this special day at JD Elementary, contact the Chairperson for this event, Michelle Duffié - 619-820-5570.


James Dukes Veterans Day Event

Thursday, November 9 th , 2017 10:30-11am
The staff at James Dukes would like to invite you to attend a special celebration of Veterans Day with your student!

We invite you to attend a brief assembly where we will discuss with the students the meaning behind the Veterans Day Holiday, enjoy a presentation of our American Flag, briefly recognize and thank any of the military families (parents and/or kids) we have right here at JD!

You are also welcome to stay and enjoy a picnic lunch with your student during their regular lunchtime.
*bring your own lunch and blanket to sit on*

We will be making a “wall of heroes” display to help the kids see just how many people our James Dukes Families know who have previously served or are currently serving our country. Look for your loved one’s name on our hero wall during the picnic! Fill out the Wall of Heros slip and bring to your child's teacher before October 27th.

Also, within the assembly we would like to recognize and thank any military members (active or retired) and welcome and encourage you to attend our event in your uniform, if possible. We will also give special recognition to our James Dukes Students who have a parent or sibling who is actively serving right now.

We would love to show our kids while Veterans Day is thanking all who have served, it is especially about real people who work and sacrifice today to protect our freedoms, many of whom are related to our students!